Our Bestseller, the Classic flight


If you want to experience the sensation of flying, we recommend to book our classic flight.


Enjoy the feeling when your feet get liftet off the ground.

It's great! For sure!


1200 m height difference

Flight duration between 15-30 Minutes

Let´s get higher!

For all who would like to fly higher and longer we have the Classic Plus Flight in our program. 


We use the thermals to enjoy the best view in front of the highest peaks of Salzburg.


If the thermals are not sufficient for the longer flight, the cheaper CLASSIC flight will automatically be charged.


Height difference: 1300m

Flight duration: around 30 - 40 minutes

In our PREMIUM Flight, we utilize updrafts to explore the surrounding area.


We reach the peaks of the surrounding mountains and enjoy the views of the high mountains.

The flight duration is between 45 and 60 minutes.

The optimal thermals for this flight variant are between March and mid-September.

If these are not sufficient for the longer flight, the cheaper Classic Plus or Classic flight will be automatically billed according to the flight duration.

The impressive view during the flight from the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See promises an unforgettable experience. The take-off point is conveniently accessible by cable car.

After just a few steps, you'll take off with an experienced tandem pilot and discover Lake Zell from a completely new perspective.


Height difference: 1400m

Flight duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Are you looking for the ultimate thrill? Experience pure adrenaline rush on a breathtaking Action-flight. Feel the G-forces and speeds up to 100 km/h during loops, spirals, and Wing Overs


Height difference: 1200m

Flight duration: up to 15 minutes

What do you need to bring?

- approx. 1 1/2 hour

- long trousers and a jacket (season depending)

- closed, sport or hiking shoes



Lift ticket not in included in the price

No experience necessary

How does it work?

After putting on a helmet and a harness, you will receive detailed instructions from your pilot. As a passenger, you are in front of the pilot. A few steps and off you go!

Float with an experienced pilot as if on a cushion of air and enjoy the view over the Alps.

How do we land?
Just lift your legs up and we gently glide into the landing area. Don‘t be worried about your bottom - our tandem harnesses are equipped with soft safety-cushions.

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